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REVIEW: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

(I know I am INCREDIBLY late to review this book but ... oh well.)

I read TATWD in two days. Two days. 48 hours. Given that last year my Reading Challenge goal was to read one book a month, reading a whole book in two days is quite an accomplishment for me. Safe to say I absolutely loved it.
Prior to this I had only read The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns when I was much younger. When TATWD was announced, I was simultaneously excited and apprehensive. The last time I had read John Green I was probably around 14 and my reading tastes have changed drastically since then. I look back fondly on that era of my life, even though I also majorly cringe about it. 
Because of this, I was apprehensive to ruin this fond memory I have by reading a book that is too 'young' for me and find it annoying and cringey. However I was too excited to not ask for it for Christmas. So I did. I asked for it purely on the basis of hype; I hadn't even read the blurb yet. 

If you've already rea…

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