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5 Reasons Why I Love The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I have never fallen as in love with a book as I have The Night Circus. For that reason, I have chosen to gush about it in this blog post rather than writing my usual type of review. I invite all reveurs to join me.
Erin Morgenstern has said that her novels are 'fairy tales in one way or another' and she is absolutely right. From the moment I started reading The Night Circus I was mesmerised by the writing. 
'The rain increases and umbrellas sprout like mushrooms amongst the graves'
There's something about the writing that is so poetic and beautiful. Although there has been a fair amount of criticism of The Night Circus saying that it's very slow-moving, I personally never noticed as the writing is interesting enough on its own to grab and maintain my attention.
'October slips into November, a change that goes largely unnoticed other than those standing closest to the clock'
Whenever I came across a line like the one above, I wished I had wr…

REVIEW: The Martian by Andy Weir

First thoughts

I'm not entirely sure what drew me to this book. Maybe it was my cousin's unhealthy obsession with Matt Damon that introduced me to the film and then I found out it was a novel first. Or maybe it was the cool cover. Who knows.

I think its important to mention that I read the majority of this book whilst sitting on an aeroplane. Probably not the best place to read a story about a man trapped in space with no escape - a bit like watching Life of Pi whilst on a cruise ship, which I've also done.

Good bits

The Martian is super entertaining. After much consideration I have decided that Mark Watney is the funniest character I have ever had to pleasure to meet, which is a massive credit to Weir's writing. Watney reminds me of the 'fun Uncle' type who doesn't take himself too seriously and is always there to lighten the mood; the perfect antidote to all the near-death experiences. I didn't expect to be laughing out loud as much as I did whilst read…

REVIEW: HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

First thoughts

When HEX appeared in my Goodreads' recommendations, I was intrigued. I suddenly realised that even though I am obsessed with The Walking Dead and other horror-related TV shows and films, I have never read a horror novel. I decided there and then that HEX was going to be the first one I read.

And I'm so glad I did.

Good bits

I whizzed through HEX. Olde Heuvelt has such an interesting writing style that even shines through being translated from Dutch to English, showing how talented he is. I could not put this book down. I have seen a few other reviews talk about how some of the idioms Olde Heuvelt uses don't translate well into English but I didn't notice it, I must have been too immersed in the story to realise.

I absolutely love the concept of the story. A town being haunted by a 300-year-old witch who has her eyes and mouth sewn shut to prevent utter chaos being released, and then some sneaky teenagers who want to push the limits? Yes, please! What reall…

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